Vampire High

Created by Mark Shekter & Garry Blye

About me

I consider myself to an average run of the mill happily married housewife and have a well adjusted beautiful daughter. But I am also a gigantic Sci-Fi fan, and have been that for about 40 years, since the first time I watched Star Trek in the 60's. Have now collected almost everthing that I can of the series loved every thing about that show. Reflecting back on the period it was basically the chemistry between the actors, William Shatner,Leonard Nimoy, Deforest Kelly, James Dohan with his proverbial "beam me up Scotty" everone knows that line by now, and then also Nichelle Nichols,George Takei,Walter Koenig and Majel Barett. And this just kept it interesting the characters. But when they cancelled it my world fell apart and years later they must have realized what a mistake they made because they decided to make a Movie and look what happened after that.

My my that was when we got introduced to a new Star Trek series "Star Trek The Next Generation" that must have been a stupendous leap of faith hiring a britsh actor as the title role of captain and bald to boot, the impact of seeing Patrick Stewart in the role as captain was about the same as when I saw David Mcilwraith in Vampire High, it was like a double take, I was questioning myself what on earth am I looking at but after about 10 minutes was convinced this is something good. Just goes to show what pure talent does especially when an actor gets that 1 role in a lifetime that seems to be specifically written for him. I could never imagine another Captain Picard in "Star Trek The Next Generation", as with Professor Murdoch the way David Mcilwraith portrays him its those subtle ways that good camera work catches that make it a feast to watch also the interaction with Jeff Roop, Paul Hopkins,Joris Jarsky, Karen Cliche and Illona Elkin, and the introduction of Dillan is she the one for Drew?.Then I thought to myself seeing as I got internet I could find out more of show and more importantly the story, but much to my disappointment I learned that the show had run for 1 season, my world came crashing down again I began to feel as if I had become "chicken little", how on earth could they cancel a show like this after only 1 season, even Star Trek managed to get 3 seasons.

So I resigned myself to watch the re-runs again and again, even tape them for when the show wasn't running quickly put my VCR on and watch an episode, the only  problem is that it caused my curiosity to grow I wanted to know how the actors felt about their part in the show, who wrote it, where did the creator of the show get this gem of an idea to write a story like this. So you can understand I have been converted to Vampire follower, I used to watch Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Angel,Twilight and even Vampire Knight, don't get me wrong they are all good shows but that special ingredient wasn't there, if I missed an episode I didn't worry about it , whereas with Vampire High I made sure I didn't miss a single episode, okay they were not always that exciting but my favorites like ,A Grave Matter,Rules Are Rules,The Stirring,The Bleeding Frenzy,Sunrise,That's Why The Lady Is A Vamp,The Summoning,Whats Up Doc,Blood Trip,Vampire Patient,Things That Go Vamp In The Night, and my very personal favorite episode Love's Labors Not Lost. The stories had a way of gripping you with intrigue and made you sit up and think about what was happening simple really but with such deep hidden meanings it gets your fantasy juices running. So you can imagine me sitting there enjoying the show but there was always this indefinable hidden essence in the show that truly fired up my imagination, I can assure everyone  my imagination can be huge and virtually unstoppable, I was asking myself who in their right mind would want to teach such difficult day students and then not to mention the night students. Who would want to civilize these creatures, and for that matter is not afraid to confront them verbally even physically like in "The Bleeding Frenzy" with Karl, and when he stood his ground for his student Merrill in front of a fully fledged Vampire like Patsy la Rue, I was asking myself who is this man or preferably what is he, when you get past that stage ( I haven't yet) where did he come from and why does one feel that he is almost all knowing. So I think by now I have convinced a few people that this show is having a Trekkie effect on me. And then the ELders why these ancient wise beings are so interested in saving the Vampire's as race, I know they will be needed to fight the Furybut what would happen in the out come if the Vampire's didn't humanize????.Makes one ponder and think.

I found the official internet site of Vampire High,  and found a whole lot of fantastic information, of what most of the actors thought of the show, and that’s when I hit a wall. Saw David Mcilwraith's   photograph just like the others clicked on it in eager anticipation of finding out what he thought  of the show, what a let down nothing opened, no movement at all I was devastated how could this be. This just got me completely going, did you know how difficult it is to find things on the Net especially  an interview of David Mcilwraith, he is as illusive as the character he plays in Vampire High. Oh yes I found his complete film biography, which is very impressive, have found out he has his own production company Wild Zone, and he directs and writes these intriguing documentaries. Found that all absorbing and interesting but yet no interview with his views on the show.

So I thought I would just have to keep on looking, so late one night I found the name of the Production Company who in I my eyes created a really  fantastic show, took me hours to find an email address, finally found one, this one belonging fortunately to the real creator of the show Mark Shekter. I plucked up all my courage and decided to send an email just thought to myself I am damned if do and damned if don't, I basically don't like bothering any one when I have questions but I couldn't find any answers any where. And didn't expect to get an answer. Thought to myself this is a very busy man who am I to bother him. And then within 24 hours it felt like  proverbial  bolt of lightening had struck me, I had received a beautiful email from Mark Shekter, to me that felt as if Easter,Christmas and New Years Day had fallen on the same day. And he answered a great deal of my questions for me, but like a good writer ( cook preparing a delicious meal ) he didn't reveal the secret ingredients I was looking for, I didn't really expect that, but he still left me with a cliff hanger, I still didn't know anything about Murdoch, did the Vampire's manage to humanize themselves so that they could live with mortals and help the Elders fight against the Fury, and did the Vampire's find the "One" that they so desperately seek, and what about their makers, what were they like, to many unanswered questions, so who knows what the future might bring so I shall remain a true Vampire High  fan forever.That is when I thought to myself everyone can make a website so why can't I, I have the time and motivation to try. So this is my first attempt at building a site and might be my last but until now I have loved every minute that I have spent on it. And hope if anyone has ideas or suggestions please let me know and I will do my best  to bring some fitting justice to this wonderful show.



The one other thing that I found truly fascinating that's the narratives used in the opening of the show and the closing narratives, captivating.



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