How to hunt a rakshasa

"According to Legend use a dagger made of pure brass."

The thing that makes a Rakshasa so formidable as opponent is that they cannot be affected by most magical spells. Luckily, all Rakasahas have a common weakness- in that any crossbow bolt blessed by a priest will kill themů instantly!

The origin of rakshasas

According to The Ramayana (an ancient Sanskrit epic), Rakshasas were created from the Brahma's foot. While other sources state that they descended from Pulastya, Khasa, Nirriti, or Nirrita. Another source states that a Rakshasa was a particularly wicked human being in a previous incarnation.

A demonic organization

Rakshasas are a highly organized evil race of spirits. They are an honorable race in their own way and are very devoted to their own dark gods. and they view humans as nothing more than livestock! The female rakashasas easily outnumber the males about two to one.

Rakshasas are immortal, each spirit is eventually born anew in the body of a newborn rakshasa and will grow to have full memory of its previous lives. They have been known to hold grudges over a span of many lifetimes, and will almost certainly try to avenge their previous deaths.


They are an ancient race of Hindu creatures. They appear in human form, feed on human flesh,and  they can make themselves invisible, and they are like Vampires they cannot enter a home without first being invited to.

Rakshasas are completely evil and are infamous for disturbing sacrifices, desecrating graves, harassing priests, possessing human beings.They are also known to be powerful creatures that delight in spreading fear, confusion, chaos, and destruction among human families and communities, finishing the trouble they cause in a murderous, ghoulish feast upon human flesh. Because of their delight in the mental torture of their victims, Rakshasas are considered to be the most feared of all supernatural creatures.
Different appearances

Rakshasas are also shapeshifters. They prefer their human forms to all others, due the ability to freely mix and participate in human affairs. The most common appearances that Rakshasas take on, is that of a tiger and that of a monkey.In their natural form most Rakshasas have poisonous fingernails and teeth.

Rakshasas have skin colored pustulent yellow, rotten green or bruised blue. Their arms or legs may be too long or too short for their bodies, while their claws and fangs never retract.

"Rakshasas because of their slow metabolism need only to feed every 20 to 30 years. During this time they live in squalor, their bed made of dead insects.

A common goal of a Rakshasa is to take on a human guise and cause as much division and hatred as possible, especially within one family or group they have chosen as victim. The final goal is to have this hatred erupt into brutal violence, once the violence is over the rakshasa settles down to its ghoulish feast of the remains.

The most common method that the Rakshasa uses in its "hunt" for human flesh involves using their formidable mental abilities to disguise themselves as a trusted friend or companion. They usually only keep that ruse up long enough to get the victim alone, and then they will strike.

Just researching history and mythological figures is engrossing, trying to envision what the true appearance of the Fury to be in Vampire High is tantilizing. Especially when reading about the Rakshasas in Hindu religion.