Now published on this site the sequel
Vampire High - "The Mansbridge Experiment"
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Vampire High Television Show created by Mark Shekter and Garry Blye
written by Mark Shekter
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Vampire High Summary
Vampire High - The Mansbridge Experiment
Enlightened Elders
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Geography of Vampires
Vampire High - The Mansbridge Journal
Vampire High
First Star International
Vampire High a fantastic Canadian Production. A truly complelling alluring original Vampire fantasy, a story guaranteed to grab your imagination, even fans consider this the best Vamp show ever. The co-creator and writer Mark Shekter has decided to publish the sequel in book form on this site Vampire High - "The Mansbridge Experiment", so show how this resurgent story would have progressed in the second season. So hoping to convert new fans read the sequel and share my affliction, and bring back Vampire High to the screens so that we can find out what happens in the Professors Journal.Also a unique opportunity to Blog with Mark Shekter ask him the questions about his sequel.

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Vampire High
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