What we know of Vampires are that the Vampiric Beast that possess the Vampire is a powerful manifestation of savagery, temptation, and animal chaos virtually unstoppable when unleashed. It is a needy, visceral thing, so deeply entwined in its base emotions  which need to either be appeased into docility or dominated into submission.

Humanity allows neither of these things to a Vampire. Maintaining Humanity is antagonistic and contrary to the needs and drives of the Beast within the Vampire, and maintaining it is to be at odds  and continual turmoil with the Beast.

Our human morality is impractical to Vampires, whose very existence depends on breaking many of humanity's taboos.

While humans find drinking blood horrifying, Vampires are wholly dependant on blood for their very existence.

Humans condemn murder, rape, and other unsavory physical atrocities. Vampires murder all too frequently, and the exsanguinations that take place is a kin to rape of a level beyond human capacity and comprehension. All these factors slowly add up to one conclusion.                                       

Vampires are not human, so to them  the Path to  Humanity can serve no purpose so therefore is considered dangerous to their very existence.

From these  centuries of study and experimentation by scholarly and spiritual Vampires have led to the development of alternative codes of morality.
A Path is a way that a Vampire can reconcile their undead  condition with their morals and beliefs. To help them justify their needs and demands of the Vamperic body as well as the beast deep within

While a Vampire who uses  Humanity as his moral compass , fights a battle that he/she slowly loose to the Beast within. This act of fate can only be influenced by the Vampire when they to choose to fight what they have become or accept what they have changed into.

While looking at reality games that are available on the Internet, my interest  does tend to be drawn to the Vampire Masquerade the most. When reading about the hierarchy of the Vampires in this game my imagination fused images of Vampire High to what is prevalent  in Masquerade. They both retain the mystery surrounding the Vampires in such  a way  my fascination to the underlying story in Vampire High has just grown.
Comparing to what Mark Shekter has written in his Vampire High -The Mansbridge Experiment the realization of the dangers facing the Vampires are almost unfathomable for mortals , yet these Vampires have been specially chosen to par take in this experiment of profound importance. And once again the mystery surrounding the Professor compounds the enigma that is the Professor and his importance to the experiment.