The Tzimisce clan is renowned for its evil. Among the most renowned of this line is Vlad Tepes, the Impaler, who split from the clan and the sect. Tepes is especially infamous for his cruelty, but this trait is common among the members of the clan.

The Tzimisce clan stretched across the Baltic regions of Eastern Europe for many centuries. It established a great power base until the Tremere, then a house of mortal wizards, established covenants in what is today northern Bulgaria. The two coexisted for a time, not intruding upon one another. Eventually, the power-mad Tremere captured some Tzimisces and used them in perverse rituals aimed at extracting the essence of their immortality. Some Tzimisces believe this was the beginning of the Tremere as a clan.

The Tzimisce had also suffered at the hands of the Tremere by the time of the war between the wizards. Seeking revenge against the Tremere, the clan offered aid to House Tytalus. The Tzimisce offered support and, in exchange, House Tytalus promised to ensure that no mages encroached any further into the clan's territory. The two groups began working together against the Tremere.

The Tzimisce anarchs went a long way in destroying the elders of their own clan, but gave up all major efforts to destroy the remaining few. The remaining elders live as Inconnu in Bulgaria, Rumania, Austria and Hungary, sitting alone in their mansion and castle havens. They have accumulated so much magical and political power that they have no fear of their former clan, and fear the Camarilla even less.

Tzimisces have a strong appreciation for learning. They are some of the most educated beings on earth. They seek to understand magic as well as science, but have not reached the level of the Tremere in this understanding. While they are inhuman, they show it to a lesser extent than do the Toreador antitribu, for instance. Most Tzimisces are grim and serious, noted for their lack of a sense of humor (or a twisted one, at best). They are also known for the high value they place on privacy.

The Tzimisce is the second most powerful and numerous clan of the Sabbat. The Lasombra hold the top position in both categories. However, the Tzimisce is a driving force behind Sabbat ideology, goals and planning. The Tzimisce clan appears happy to let the Lasombra take the lead in carrying out sect plans.


Due to the effects of the Vicissitude Discipline, Tzimisces are in a continuous state of physical flux often they forget their original form over the centuries. Thus, something deep within the Tzimisces craves stability and permanence. As a result, each time the Tzimisces sleep, they must surround themselves with at least two handfuls of earth from a land important to them as mortals usually their homeland or the graveyard where they underwent their Creation Rites.
The Gangrel
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Some materials Copyright and Trademarked by CCP hf.