In my search of information on Vampires I came across this interactivegame called Vampire Masquerade, just reading how they have made up the society in the game does give one some food for thought. Could this possibly reflect on the Vampire society as represented in Vampire High, the interaction between the clans could this be an account of how the Civil War between the Enlightened Elders and the Fury started.
The Anarch Revolt

Again, it could not last. The Children of Caine, in their hubris, began to flaunt their power flagrantly. Terrified peasants whispered of the monsters in their midst - and the Church began to listen. The reports of a few horrified priests spawned a frenzied Inquisition, and vengeful mortals rose up in a tide of fire and blood. Though individually much more powerful than mortals, even the mightiest Vampires could not stand against the humans' sheer numbers, Vampire after Vampire was dragged from its lair and hurled into fire or sunlight.
In the throes of the Inquisition, a current of revolt gripped the Children of Caine. Younger Vampires, who were being deployed as sacrificial lambs by terrified elders, began to rise up against their sires and masters. In Eastern Europe, a group of Vampires learned how to sever the mystic bonds through which sires controlled their childer. Soon all of Europe seethed beneath a nocturnal revolt, as rebellious childer threw off the yoke of their masters. Between the Inquisition and the revolt of the Vampire "anarchs," it seemed as though the Kindred would not survive.
And so, in the 15th century, a council was called. Seven of the 13 clans united in an organization called the Camarilla . With its advantage of numbers, the Camarilla suppressed the anarchs and agreed to exist behind a great Masquerade.

Never more shall Vampires rule openly, the lords of the Camarilla decreed. We shall hide among the mortals, and conceal our natures from our prey, and in a few decades the mortals will know vampires only as myths.

Thus, the Masquerade was born, and the Inquisition gradually forgot its original target. Those anarchs who would not join the Camarilla were driven into the wastes, from which they would later emerge as the dread Sabbat cult. With the discovery of the New World and the dawn of science, humanity gradually forgot about the Kindred, relegating them to the status of childhood legends.

But, though hidden, Vampires were still quite real. The wars of the Jyhad raged on, though the nights of open battle were replaced by sudden ambushes and maneuvering of human pawns. Weaving their webs throughout the ever-expanding cities, the Kindred eschewed their previous games for more methodical but no less deadly ones.

The Modern Nights and Gehenna

And the wars continued down the centuries, and continue still. The Jyhad rages as it always has - though skyscrapers take the place of castles, machine-guns and missiles replace swords and torches, and stock portfolios substitute for vaults of gold, the game remains the same. Kindred battles Kindred, clan battles clan, Camarilla  battles Sabbat, as they have for eons. Vampiric feuds begun during the nights of Charlemagne play themselves out on the streets of New York City; an insult whispered in the court of the Sun King may find itself answered by a corporate takeover in Sao Paolo. The ever-swelling cities provide countless opportunities for feeding, power mongering - and war.
Increasingly, Vampires speak of Gehenna - the long-prophesied night of apocalypse when the most ancient Vampires, the mythical Antediluvians, will rise from their hidden lairs to devour all the younger Vampires. This Gehenna, so the Kindred say, will presage the end of the world, as Vampires and mortals alike are consumed in an inexorable tide of blood. Some Vampires strive to prevent Gehenna, some fatalistically await it, and still others consider it a myth. Those who believe in Gehenna, however, say that the end time comes very soon - perhaps in a matter of years.

Camarilla Vampires swear to uphold the legendary Six Traditions of Caine, the laws which Caine supposedly passed to his progeny. Like any other laws, the Traditions are commonly ignored, bent or violated outright.

The Six Traditions

The First Tradition:

The Masquerade

Thou shall not reveal thy nature to those not of the Blood. Doing so shall renounce thy claims of Blood.

The Second Tradition:

The Domain

Thy domain is thine own concern. All others owe thee respect while in it. None may challenge thy word while in thy domain.

The Third Tradition:

The Progeny

Thou shall sire another only with the permission of thine elder. If thou createst another without thine elder's leave, both thee and thy progeny shall be slain.

The Fourth Tradition:

The Accounting

Those thou create are thine own childer. Until thy progeny shall be released, thou shall command them in all things. Their sins are thine to endure.

The clans spread across the world, sowing discord and misery. Though each successive generation of Vampires proved weaker than the last, they made up for it with greater numbers. In the ziggurats of Babylon, in the palaces of Crete, in the tribunals of Rome, Vampires ruled as shadowy tyrants, forever using mortals as food and unwitting soldiers. Vampire warred with Vampire, clan with clan, and thus - from the ancient rivalries of the First City - was born the great Jyhad, which is still fought today.
The Kindred reached their worst excesses during the early Middle Ages. During this period, many Vampires ruled openly, smothering peasant and lord alike beneath their nocturnal grip. The Vampiric population reached unhealthy numbers, and it seemed that the Earth would belong to the Kindred forever.
Traditions of Caine
The Camarilla
The Justicars
The Sabbat
The First City
Mysterious Graveyard
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