Also created at the time of the Inquisition was this ritualistic group of Kindred. When faced with the threats caused by human at the time, elders found it easier to simply throw their Childe at the dangers at hand rather than finding a way to save all Kindred-kind. These Childe took this to heart and rose up against their cruel creators. This Anarch Revolt was ceased at the Convention of Thorns. This treatise allowed these anarchistic killers to fall back under the Aegis of the Camarilla. Many individuals did not accept this treaty and set out to create their own Sect. With this the Sabbat was born. Sabbat members revel in the idea of a Vampire as a superior being and seek to do as they wish. The only code that must always be followed is loyalty to the Sect.

The hierarchy of the Sabbat is, perhaps mockingly, resemblant of the Catholic church. The entire Sect is ruled over by a Regent. The Regent is directly assisted by a group of Prisci. Below the Prisci are the Regent's regional overseers known as Cardinals. Paladins and Templars serve as savage and loyal protectors to these three revered positions. Archbishops and Bishops are next on the list who are the Sabbat equivilants of Camarillan Archons and Princes. Below this the Sabbat is organized into Packs, each being overseen by a leader and a Priest.

The Sabbat harbors many Kindred but is founded on Clans Lasombra and Tzimisce. Those of other Clans who claim alleagiance to the Sabbat represent dark foils to their clanmates in the Camarilla. The Sabbat does not turn away new converts and is generally quick to replenish its ranks when they are lost to a battle. The Sabbat is known for forcing loyalty through a ritual known as the Vaulderie.