Professor Reginald Murdoch is quite an enigmatic person, at first your attention is on the Vampires but his very presence is so mystifying that your attention is drawn to the fact that no one really knows who he is, and even for that fact what he is.Because questions begin to rise in the first episode "Rules Are Rules" when he is teaching the "Day Students" one thinks so he is just a teacher, but then at night when the other students are in bed the "Night Students" come out these Vampires have been brought to Mansbridge Academy for a reason. The reason being they have to learn to humanize try to get into contact with those human feelings they once had as mortals. So why has the Professor been chosen, it is quite obvious he isn't afraid of confronting the Vampires, but we are still left with a huge question how far is he prepared to go to protect "The Mansbridge Experiment"

Vampire High Summary
Vampire High - The Mansbridge Experiment
Vampire High Summary
David McilWraith
The Summonings
Things That Go Vamp In The Night
The Bleeding Frenzy
Thats Why The Lady Is A Vamp

Does he have magical powers?

That is one of the many unanswered questions that arises when watching Vampire High. Especially in the episode "The Summonings", when the Professor conducts a ceremony where he appears to transform into a gigantic crucible that reflects the time when the Vampires are forced to face the victim they most regret killing.
Watching the Professor strolling the grounds of Mansbridge Academy in "Rules Are Rules", when he finds Sherry who is in a dilemma and is unable to write anything for her essay, the gentle astuteness' with which the Professor talks to her shows how attuned he is to both his day students and night students.
In the first episode "Rules Are Rules" we get introduced to the day students difficult kids from different backgrounds who need and education. And then we meet the Vampires, he is not afraid to face them. But another question does arise how far is the Professor prepared to go to protect the experiment?
In the episode "Things Go Vamp In The Night" once again the question arises who is this Professor , seeing as he has in his possession books containing knowledge in ways of capturing Vampires even transporting them from one location to another. Even though with this ceremony he uses the help of the Vampires to capture Marty, but could this just be a step in their development of their supernatural abilites  and teach them to realize their full potential.
In the episode "The Bleeding Frenzy" we watch as the Professor explains how he is attempting to wean the Vampires off their addiction to blood. He feeds them blood allotments but the shipment he has received has been tainted and all the necessary nourishment in the blood has been removed. So even though they are feeding they are not getting any real nourishment into their bodies and experience what could be termed as withdrawal symptoms. And then once again those fascinating questions especially when Karl can no longer control his cravings and attacks the Professor.So how could he subdue a Vampire in full blood lust?
Just looking at these short clips really got me thinking. Firstly when the rogue Vampire Bridget in "Blood Trip" makes a statement that she could smell Vampire a mile a few when the Professor is standing close to the cage she is in, and her confusion with what her senses are reading on the Professor and the way he subtly draws himself away from her trying not to arouse the Vampires suspicion , tantalizing. And then Merrill  who inadvertently calls her maker in "Thats Why The Lady Is A Vamp" and jeopardizes the experiment. The way the Professor protects his student against a fully fledged Vampire Patsy LaRue he isn't afraid of her, and what's more she also puzzled about the Professor because her powers are stronger than the young Vampires and even she can't read his mind or influence him.