The Night students

The “young Vampires” are actually hundreds of years old, new to their species by comparison to their elders who date back almost to the time of Christ.    Like all Vampires, they were mortal once – but given a choice of death or immortality, they chose the latter: to live in perpetual darkness, to walk the earth alone, hunted by man and now the FURY who are intent on seeking them out and exterminating them.
These young students are the last hope of the CONVOCATION.   If they and mankind itself are to survive at all, they must win.   But at what cost?
For they are Vampires at heart: dangerous, aggressive, and deadly.  Their untamed ways are their very nature.  To harness that power and turn it towards good is to break a genetic line that runs deep.
Bred in the beginning as a Master Race, their ancestors forsook their vows of moderation and respect for all living things, and sought domination instead of service to their fellow beings.
They became hated and hunted for centuries and finally went to war against themselves:  the FURY against the CONVOCATION.
These few students, rescued from a war un-witnessed by mortals, must be taught the ways of humans in order to take their new place among them.  So they have been brought to Mansgridge High, to this ghetto-land, to learn.  They are:



Chosen by the elders, the professor is a mystery to his Vampire students.  Possessing an uncanny judge of character and entirely versed in the ways and habits of the Vampire race, Dr. Murdoch is a force to be reckoned with.
He is dedicated to his task: to civilize these impulsive, dangerous youths and bring them to enlightenment about their place in the new world order. His mandate: to instil in them a sense of belonging, very rare among Vampires, and to teach them human feelings and instincts so they can survive in the real world.
Daylight remains their eternal enemy, but Dr. Murdoch has been researching ways to bring them “into the light”.   Encouraged by the Elders, Dr. Murdoch pursues his experiments – but his work is not without risk.   His students could turn on him at any moment and kill him, or worse, make him one of them.
But just who is Dr. Murdoch?   And why amongst all mortals was he selected?  These and other questions remain a mystery.  For now.


Dark, brooding.  Aware that he is a guinea pig in a war not of his making.  Defiant and resistive to Murdoch’s program of adaptation and change.  The only appealing aspect of becoming human is the potential for “feeling”, to find expression in a romantic yearning long repressed.  For this connections Drew looks outside of his clan to mortals who he believes can teach him.
Such romantic contact between mortal and Vampire is forbidden in the “Mansbridge Experiment” on penalty of expulsion and even death by the Elders.
Drew’s unique power:  he can project himself through time and space to witness events at a distance.



The “baby” of the group, Karl was made a Vampire less than 100 years ago.  He is impulsive and sloppy in his techniques.
With boyish looks and wide grin, Karl could pass for any high school senior.  He could be everybody’s best friend and was in fact until he met up with one of the female FURY at a church dance and was “made” while in the throes of passion.  Had he not been so cute, the FURY would have taken him out, but instead was content to turn him to the dark side.
Karl’s power is his super-human strength, able to lift fifty times his own weight.   His life’s ambition, before becoming a Vampire, was to be an all-star football player.  He still yearns for that life and grieves over what he lost when he was turned.
Mansbridge High is a way to hopefully regain his past and live again among his old friends.   Of course, they are long dead and gone – but Karl seeks a second shot at a ‘normal’ life.  He cannot accept his circumstance and claims his IS human and DOES feel and therefore should be let loose to live among mortals.



Beautiful, soft-spoken but deadly in that she can read thoughts.  It kept her fed on human blood for hundreds of years as she could tell when a mortal was interested and then seduce him to satisfy her craving.
Unlike Drew, she has not suppressed her desire for connection but seeks romance within her group – specifically Drew to whom she feels drawn as his eternal soul mate.   Unfortunately for her, Drew has no such thoughts and his vacuum of feeling for her taunts Merrill and makes her more determined to convince him that she is his destiny.And God or the Devil help any woman mortal who wins Drew’s favor.


The siren Vampire – stunning, sexy and smart.   Essie can transfix her prey by putting them into a mental and physical paralysis like a Black Widow and then take her sweet time to drain them of their essence.
Her male Vampire companions stay a cautious distance from her for they know that they, like mortals, are not exempt from her stare – and once under her spell, they too can be drained of their life and left in the daylight to wither.
Strangely, Essie wants this experiment to work.  She has lived a wild life for two hundred years and feels this odd need to settle down.  She’s bored with domination and seeks submission to someone stronger and even more of a threat than she. 
Perhaps that someone lies outside her race – and so she is eager to learn the ways of humans so that she can mingle among them and find the “One”.


The “bad boy” Vampire, Marty is the raucous troublemaker.  He’s happy to seek refuge from the Vampire’s holy war and take advantage of the blood bank that Murdoch has so conveniently provided for his students, eliminating their need to hunt.

Marty’s power is telekinesis and he delights in moving objects about to annoy his fellow students and Dr. Murdoch.  But like all Vampire games, his is no less lethal when push comes to shove.  And Marty likes to push at every opportunity.  He does not take the experiment seriously and talks of escaping when the coast is clear – ignoring the dictum that if one student quits, the entire experiment is off.

One for all and all for one is not Marty’s credo.  He could care less about others and has learned to survive for centuries on his own wits.  He is not looking for friends, or companionship.  He’s only after instant gratification and he’ll take it wherever he can find it.  Even if that means hitting on the two female Vampires in his group or worse, on the high school day students.
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