The Fury represent a faction of Vampires who did not wish to humanize as the Elders did.   The Fury broke away and set up a sect of Vampires that were obedient to no one.  They saw no value in becoming more like humans as they delighted in being all powerful and immortal.  But they do fear the Elders as these wise beings have honed their powers over many centuries. Therefore The Fury have devised a means to bring them down, but in ways that the Elders could never imagine.   If the Fury were to win,they would reap destruction on planet Earth the likes of which have never been witnessed.  So they must be stopped. And the only way is with a union between enlightened Vampires and Humans, their combined power being senior to the Fury.
I have now aslo decided to find a way to descibe the Fury and have found rather interesting descriptions on what they represent.If anyone knows of other instances please let me know. I have now found to my amazement  how deeply rooted Vampire myth has become in our culture and researching it's path through history has been an eye opener that it is not based purely on fantasy. This has deepened my respect for the story line used in Vampire High, it clearly keeps a grip on the mystery surrounding Vampires.
Vrykolakes - Vampires

This term refers to two varieties of men (and potentially women) that underwent dramatic changes, one variety was already dead, the Vampire and the others were alive under a zombie-like influence they ravaged the countryside by night independently.

The value threatened by Vrykolakes broadly is goodness. These Vampires come and kill indiscriminately, regardless of how the life was lived. They place no regard in judgment and seek only to destroy and consume.Female Vrykolakes in particular threaten the values of motherhood, chastity and faith. The females seek to devour children instead of feeding, to kill instead of nurturing. They are also represented as being promiscuous and wanton, luring young men down a path of darkness. These Vrykolakes threaten innocence through their unchaste lifestyle, in contrast to their disregard of motherhood because of their lack of maternal instincts and compassion. From their evil nature it is possible Vrykolakes represent corrupted human nature and therefore. The coldness these Vampires feel when considering their counterparts may be crucial to their representation as black and shadowy, while the concept that they steal human blood creates the essence of their horrific nature.

Appealing to both magicians and feminists past and present, Lilith, or Lilitu, 'wind-spirit' in Assyrian-Babylonian mythology was a ravenous sexual entrepreneur. In legend, Lilith was the first wife of Adam. She was either created as Adam's Siamese twin (joined together at the back), or was made from filth. Either way, Lilith demanded equality with Adam.
Fury bent on the complete annihilation of mankind

Enlightened Elders
Vampire Masquerade