The Enlightened Elders are these wise beings who have honed their powers over many centuries.Their goal is to save the Vampires as a race.
It is apparent that Vampires have existed among practitioners of Magic throughout history. From the old Middle Eastern 'eaters of souls' to Morgana le Fey's habit of giving her followers rings by which she could siphon off their energies and live forever, to modern practitioners of black magic who give lessons in conscious Vampirism. Magical Adepts create an energy body called a magical persons to house their consciousness on its journeys through the astral and other dimensions, giving vitality to their energy forms through meditation and ritual work.
The way Mark Shekter unravels his story of Vampire High fired up my imagination, as well as driving my boundless fascination into finding out more as to why these two Vamperic factions are at war.
When reading the following explanation as to how magical practioners use their powers, made me think of the episode "Dads and Monsters", when Shakari sent a drone to the Academy to investigate the strange sitings that had taken place.
Some magical practitioners also create forms called fetches or servitors, these forms may be programmed to seek out information or absorb and neutralize harmful energies. Sometimes, the magical persona or servitor can become energized so that they take on a life of their own, and even manage to survive past the time of their creator's deaths.
Most of what passes as Vampire magic among Vampires is either an attempt to imitate the effects of Vampires upon others or just black magic designed to bring harm. Most Vampires have strong psychic powers and do not indulge in magic to accomplish feeding. Vampires take other people's energies to survive, some Vampires are also driven insane by their condition. The magic practiced by Vampires is instead designed to affect themselves, most often to bring about a transformation that will allow them to stop feeding on others. For some, this means trying to become just like everyone else, but for others, it means seeking the freedom to really be themselves by throwing off or even taking over the Beast within by accomplishing the Great Work of Alchemy and Magic.
Occasionally  the Vampire is an entity which has gained the spiritual knowledge and power to  transform the physical body at will. Ancient Mysteries speak of men and women achieving immortality by periodically absorbing extra life force from the cosmos, in some cases eventually  transforming  the physical body into a body of energy. Wise Men, Alchemists and mystics who stray from  the Path of Initiation and become addicted to living off others, instead developing that energy for themselves suffer imperfect transformation. Such beings must periodically feed from others to prevent their deaths. In cases where the transformation is not only imperfect, but also incomplete, the physical form may transform into an energy beast and become trapped at a particular physical location. Such beings have to wait like spiders in their web until an unsuspecting mortal passes by and is captured. Some of the more powerful of these creatures survive in this condition for hundreds of years.
Often there appears to be no real defense against the predation of the Vampire. The strong psychic power of the Vampire allows it to mesmerize its victims through telepathic suggestion. A house is a repository of energies especially in cases where religious or spiritual activities are engaged, such as praying or meditation, offers some sanctuary against Vampires, it is said that one must invite a Vampire across the threshold in order for the Vampire to gain entry. This is not true in the case of the strongest Vampires . It is believed that mirrors do not reflect the Vampires image because they do not have a soul and are evil. Mirrors reflect dense physical objects such as a human body, but not the energy forms of Vampires, which only appear to be solid to the mind's eye of the beholder due to telepathic  suggestion by the Vampire or psychic ability in the beholder.

Many Vampires are pagan and follow the old ways, and the ways of magic an integral part of their beliefs. Most Vampires practice numerous techniques. Just as the Elysian Mysteries are dedicated to the balance of dark and light aspects within themselves.  The Vernal and Autumn Equinoxes  greatly affect Vampires psychic and physical health.

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