The Camarilla was formed in the late medieval period to protect Vampires from the purges of the Inquisition, to uphold the Traditions of Caine, and to enforce the great Masquerade. Many Camarilla Vampires uphold the Masquerade fanatically. Camarilla Vampires reject the idea of Vampires as monstrous predators, instead preferring to live clandestinely among mortals and feed cautiously.

The Camarilla uses a strict order of power. The mysterious Inner Circle is considered the head of this great sect. This group of secretive group appoints the Justicars. There is one Justicar for each Camarillan Clan. This trenchant assembly of elder Vampires are the eyes, ears, voice, and teeth of the Inner Circle. The Justicars also have their own "little helpers" called Archons. While the Archons do not have the power of the Justicars, they do have a great amount of allowance when it comes to manipulating Domains.

The Camarilla considers all Vampires to be members. The Camarilla was founded by seven clans: Brujah, Malkavian, Nosferatu, Toreador, Tremere, and Ventrue. Many individual Gangrel still hold loyalty to the Camarilla though.

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