They are the masters of moral and spiritual corruption. They seem to have an uncanny ability to find the weakness in any organization or individual, and the uncommon urge to exploit it. Drugs, sex, money and power are their weapons of corruption, and they take great delight in using them against Kindred and kine alike. The Setites believe that the power of decay and corruption is absolute, no one is immune.

Although few Setites have become members of the Camarilla, this has not stopped factions within the sect from making use of their special talents. In the world of Kindred politics, the Followers of Set have the distinction of being regarded as a necessary evil The Followers claim to be able to trace their clan's lineage back to the Egyptian Dark God himself. The truth of this statement, however, remains unrevealed. In any event, they are darkly powerful beings with unclear interests beyond the assumption of mortal and supernatural power.
According to legend, the clan originated in ancient Egypt. About 5000 B.C., a group of powerful Kindred gathered around the Nile River delta. There they are said to have established a thriving civilization and enthroned themselves as the ruling gods. Among these Kindred was one named Sutekh. Sutekh, renowned as a warrior and hunter, stalked the darkness like a great beast; by 3300 B.C. he was being worshipped by some mortals as the God of Night and Darkness. He was more than likely a member of the third generation, an Antediluvian.

For the next two millennia, Sutekh, now calling himself Set, enjoyed the worship of mortals and the respect of his fellow Kindred. However, a power struggle began when a Vampire known as Osiris, along with several of his progeny, began to claim absolute kingship over the rest of the Kindred. Set opposed Osiris, and for several hundred years the two waged a savage war. By 900 B.C., the tide had fumed against Set and his followers. A being known as Heru-Behutet, and his warriors, defeated Set and his allies in a great battle. Set was exiled and his followers slaughtered. In his anguish, Set vowed that if he were to be exiled into the darkness, then that darkness would become all-powerful.

In the centuries that followed, Set recruited new followers. Most came from Egypt but there were others as well. Greeks, Romans, Persians and Semites all fell under the influence of Set, god of darkness. His message spread to the far corners of the known world. From the mountains of Spain to the shores of the Black Sea, the seeds of darkness were planted. Finally, in A.D. 33, Set himself vanished from the world. Before he disappeared, Set promised his followers that he would eventually return in all his dark glory.

Even after his disappearance, this clan grew in power. Always small in number, it exerted an influence that belied its size. Some say that its members were partially responsible for the birth of the Inquisition, though there is no proof to substantiate this allegation. Empires have come and gone and still the Followers of Set carry on their master's dark traditions.
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Some materials Copyright and Trademarked by CCP hf.

The Gangrel
To achieve their goals, Setites master several potent tools. To their thinking, the weapons of addiction, seduction and decay are the oldest and finest of means to an end. Setites use drugs, sex, money, power - even vitae and supernatural lore - to draw others into their coils. To date, the Followers' methods have proved terribly effective. Kindred and kine alike succumb to the Setites' charms, gladly doing whatever their new masters bid in return for the Serpents' reptilian patronage. Indeed, in some cities, entire subcultures and economic strata are under one or more Setites' sway.

The Followers of Set cryptically refer to themselves as the "eldest among clans," whatever that phrase may mean to them. Cainite historians dismiss this as groundless braggadocio, citing Set's rise as being well past the time of the First City. However, those who listen carefully to the Setites' whispering are somewhat less flippant, as the Snake Clan seems to have access to hoary lore that, some worry, might date back to the first and longest nights of all. A few Serpents have hinted that Set was thrown into the darkness before Caine himself received his curse - a theory that most Kindred dismiss, but one with frightening implications nonetheless.

Whatever the clan's origins, it is a fact that its influence is widespread indeed. Although they are rare in "traditional" vampiric haunting grounds such as Europe, the Followers of Set prowl many other areas of the world. They have potent presence in Africa, particularly in Cairo and the sub-Saharan area of the continent. They rest in India, just on the edge of the Cathayan hunting grounds, pursuing the wisdom of destroyer gods and gathering cults to themselves. They sleep under Middle Eastern sands and rule the Caribbean night. And they go unafraid into the worst hellholes in America. Their web stretches from continent to continent, and the other clans have yet to realize just how much of the world the Setites have in their clutches.

Nickname : Serpents

Sect :

Neutrality is far too valuable for the Followers of Set to bother with sects. They find the Camarilla pretentiously idealistic, and the Sabbat exactly the same. Setites prefer to barter their secrets to both sides, but reserve their truly significant finds for the clan's exclusive use.

Appearance :

Most elder Setites are of Egyptian, North African or Middle Eastern blood. However, the Snakes have adopted a more egalitarian approach in recent years, and have Embraced men and women of all ethnicities. Red hair is considered a mark of Set's favor, and some neonates are not above hennaing their hair nightly to prove their devotion. Setites usually have impeccable taste in clothing and accessories, and have an inviting, commanding demeanor that transfixes onlookers.

Haven :

Although many younger Setites aren't above snatching the most practical crash places possible, the elders of the clan treat haven-building as a reverential process. Many use ancient alchemical rituals to consecrate their havens, be they temples, hidden libraries or simple crypts. Most train cadres of ghouls for the "scared duty" of guarding the master's haven, and some are fond of letting snakes roam the interior of their lairs. Their havens are often decorated in ancient Egyptian fashion, but the Followers of Set have become quite multicultural in recent years. An individual Setite may adorn his haven with Ghanan sculpture, Moroccan rugs or Hopi kachinas - whatever suits his tastes or background.

Clan Disciplines :

Obfuscate, Presence, Serpentis


Setites are extremely susceptible to sunlight