The Ravnos clan shares many characteristics with the Gangrel, but there is no other clan with which it more differs. The Gangrel are loners, the Ravnos love companionship. The Gangrel are combative; the Ravnos try to avoid direct physical confrontations. The Gangrel are honest and forthright; the Ravnos are masters of lies and deceit. The most obvious similarity between Ravnos and Gangrel is the nomadic lifestyle common to both. Few Ravnos would ever consider staying in one city for an extended amount of time. Those who have adapted to an urban lifestyle change their havens on a regular basis, never staying in one for more than a month.

The other prominent similarity between Ravnos and Gangrel is both clans' connection with Gypsies. However, while the Gangrel are widely accepted among Gypsies, the Ravnos are accepted only within their own family group (if they are of Gypsy blood). Though Ravnos live much like Gypsies, they are not accepted by them. While most blame this on the Ravnos' unquenchable compulsions to lie and steal from those around, others say the very auras of the Ravnos repulse the sensitive Gypsy mystics.

Free movement is very highly regarded by Ravnos. They freely move back and forth between cities controlled by the Camarilla and those controlled by the Sabbat. Anyone who attempts to prevent Ravnos from entering a city is given the "treatment" - large groups of the clan will enter the city and give it a thorough scouring. Few princes have the courage to risk such and, despite their disgust, most do not prevent Ravnos from entering their city.

Ravnos take their personal and clan honor very seriously, and it is one of their most prized possessions. However, the code of honor by which they live is quite different from the rules most folk follow. They do not place much pride in keeping their word unless they shake hands on it - after spiting into their palms with blood. They are honor-bound to avenge themselves if anyone besmirches their honor or "good name." They do not cheat or steal from others of the clan, but feel no such compunctions about outsiders. Friendship is valued very highly, and they will always come to the aid of those whom they consider "brothers."


Ravnos are infamous for their trickery. Each has a specific area of thievery and deception in which she is especially interested, and practices it every chance they  get.

The Gangrel
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Some materials Copyright and Trademarked by CCP hf.