Nosferatu usually Embrace those mortals who are twisted in one way or another, emotionally, physically, spiritually or intellectually. They consider the Embrace too horrific to bestow on any worthwhile human beings. With the change into Vampires, the Nosferatu hope to somehow redeem the mortals, to give them a second chance. It is surprising how often it works. Underneath the grim exterior, the Nosferatu are practical and surprisingly sane.

It is said they revel in being dirty and disgusting and do little to make themselves look better. Indeed, they are cheerful amid their squalor, especially when others are forced to enter their realm. They are known for being grumpy and lewd, and cannot be trusted to conform to the standards of civilized society.

Though their Obfuscate Discipline enables the Nosferatu to travel through mortal society, they are unable to interact with it. Therefore they must live apart. The habits that develop from such an existence extend even to their interactions with other Vampires. They avoid all contact, preferring their own solitary existence to the chaos of interacting with others.

The Nosferatu do stay in contact with one another, and have developed a unique subculture among the Kindred. They play host to one another with the most elaborate politeness and gentility. They share the information they garner among themselves, and as a result are probably the best-informed of the Kindred.


The  Nosferatu’s  weakness is their appearance.
The Nosferatu are the least human-appearing of all the clans. They look something like feral animals. Their smell and appearance are revolting - one could even say monstrous. Long, bulbous ears, coarse-skinned skulls covered with tufts of hair, and elongated faces splotched with disgusting warts and lumps are among their less nauseating features.

After Nosferatu have been Embraced, they undergo an exceptionally painful period of transformation. Over a period of weeks, they slowly shift from their mortal countenances to their Nosferatu visages. In the beginning, the childer may revel in their newfound powers, but soon the pain and the changes will begin. The psychological trauma of becoming such a loathsome monstrosity is often more painful than the physical symptoms.

The Gangrel
Some materials Copyright and Trademarked by CCP hf.
Some materials Copyright and Trademarked by CCP hf.