With his extensive background in Television and Film as a multi award-winningproducer and writer in Hollywood and internationally, Mark has held senior executive positions in the broadcasting, advertising and marketing industries.  

A highly respected Media Consultant to corporations worldwide, Mark uses his entertainmentand commercial experience to create communication and marketing strategies that combine high-impact Content withstate-of-the-art Technology. His past clients include GM, Honda, American Standard, the Canadian Federal Government, the Canadian Cancer Foundation, and many others.

Among his credits, Mark helped redesign the content and export strategy for Endemol South Africa, part of a multi-billion dollar media conglomerate. He developed the news services strategy for the Canadian BroadcastingCorp(CBC) and createda pioneering program initiative for the CanWestCorporation, a leadingmedia and information network.
Am a Hotel is a 1983 Canadian made for TV short musical film, written by Leonard Cohen and Mark Shekter and directed by Allan F. Nicholls. The storyline is based around imaginary events in the King Edward Hotel in Toronto, and the guests' (usually romantic) interactions with each other (Wikipedia). Scenes Cohen features frequently, as an amused bystander ('the Resident'). Extensive dance routines in scenes 2 and 3 were choreographed by Ann(e) Ditchburn, who also dances as the Gypsy wife in scene 3. There are five scenes, each based around a Cohen song. 1 The Guests in which the characters enter via the lobby and are taken to their rooms; The bellboy and chambermaid meet in the corridor; and the manager and his wife apparently have angry words in the lobby after which she strides off. 2 Memories (in which the bellboy pursues the chambermaid around the laundry and ballroom) 3 The Gypsy wife (in which the manager's wife, in fetching attire, dances on the boardroom table) 4 Chelsea Hotel # 2 (in which the two lovers try, and fail, to make love, and the admiral and diva at last face each other across the hallway) 5 Suzanne (in which scenes of Suzanne with Cohen are interspersed with shots of the two couples reunited and dancing together, and the hotel manager distraught and then drinking at the bar) An short epilogue repeats the opening material from 'The Guests'. The final credits give the makers as 'Blue Memorial Video Ltd' and dedicate the piece to David Blue.
The video won the Golden Rose international television award in Montreux, Switzerland.
Zoo Diaries is an intense look at life behind the scenes at the Toronto Zoo. It follows the day-to-day tensions, passions, triumphs and failures of one of the most unique professions on earth.

The series focuses on the zoo as a modern-day Ark, where animals are increasingly protected from the threat of extinction. As one of the world's biggest zoos, it has expanded its longstanding role as an exhibitor to devote more of its resources to protecting endangered species.

The style of the series is best described as "docusoap." There are three interwoven stories in each episode, some continuing week to week. Sometimes the stories are of life and death struggles. At other times, they are cute and humorous. Featuring real people in real situations, the series is intended for an adult audience, with some episodes not suitable for young children.
Spiritual Gardens explores healing gardens that speak to the mind, body and soul. While each garden is distinctly unique, all of the gardens fulfill the creators inherent desire to heal those who visit the garden.  From exploring the senses at the Perth Round Garden for the Blind to walking the spiritual path in the Kincardine Labyrinth, all of these gardens offer their users a deeply beneficial spiritual experience they won't soon forget.
Was nominated for the Gemini Award 2004.