One reason the Malkavians are so highly tolerated is summed up in the advice an elder Vampire gave to his childer: "Listen to the Mad Ones." Despite their insanity, or perhaps because of it, the Malkavians have the capacity to "see" the future.


All members of this clan have some sort of Derangement. The touch of madness is always upon the clan members
As with all the Vampire clans, Malkavians suffer from a specific flaw, in this case, they are incurably insane. However, many Malkavians believe their insanity to be a strength rather than a weakness. Exactly why they all suffer from insanity is unknown, but according to the Book of Nod, all third-generation vampires were cursed by Caine after the second-generation vampires were destroyed. One of these third-generation vampires was Malkav, from whom Malkavians come.
According to Malkavian legend, when Malkav was killed, all his childer came to his corpse and drank the blood of their father, thus collectively diablerizing Malkav. He is said to speak inside each and every Malkavian's soul and connects them into one collective consciousness. This "hive mind" is sometimes called "the Cobweb" or "the Malkavian Madness Network", which contains each thought and memory that any Malkavian in the world has ever had.

The Malkavians possess a rare ability discipline called Dementation, which can alter the way a victim senses reality. It can be used to increase the Malkavian's own oracular ability or to induce insanity in others. Most Malkavians are willing to attempt to educate others in the use of their rare power, but unfortunately, learning Dementation will often turn a non-Malkavian insane themselves as a result, study of the Discipline is rare among other Clans and the Malkavians themselves are often viewed with a mixture of suspicion and contempt.

The Gangrel
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Some materials Copyright and Trademarked by CCP hf.