Karen Cliche
Karen Cliche plays Essie Rachamova a Vampire with Russian royal blood lineage dating back to the time of Rasputin, is constantly busy with fashion and her apperance. She has very good intuitions and can read when some one is planning to do something that isn't right. She and Drew are the oldest Vampire's of the group. Essie doesn't let herself get corned to easily and can put up a mean fight and is afraid of no-one and can  be very vicious. Still doesn't know if she really loves Karl or not. Her powers of suggestion are very powerful and she can influence everyone except for Dr Murdoch, why she doesn't know but she does want to find out.
Meet Karen Cliche (pronounced Kleesh). The twenty-eight year old has made quite a name for herself. A very talented actress and successful model, Karen has reached celebrity status.

Karen was born in Sept-Iles, Quebec, Canada July 22nd, 1976. Having a father in the army, she was forced to move around Canada as well as Germany and Virginia. Ultimately she ended up residing in Montreal at the age of twelve where she was raised by her mother. Throughout high school Karen took drama classes and performed in many stage productions. Even at a very young age Karen dreamed of becoming an actress, though she'd never admit it to her friends. At age fourteen she began work at a local McDonalds which is where her story begins.

A few years at McDonalds under her belt, she was approached by a hairdresser who asked if she'd like to model at a convention. After a bit of that and some fashion shows she was confronted by a young woman named Sandy. Sandy was doing an internship at a modeling agency and noticed Karen at work. She hooked up with Sandy and began her modeling career. When she was approached by a bigger modeling agency called Montage Models, she said goodbye to Sandy and began modeling with Montage. Still keeping in touch with Sandy, Karen learned that she had opened up her own modeling and talent agency called MCM Talent. When MCM opened up their own acting division, Karen gave Sandy a call and asked if she would be interested in being her agent for acting. From there it was audition after audition and Karen began working like crazy. Some of her earliest work can be seen in shows such as Big Wolf On Campus, MTV's Undressed, All Souls, and a made for TV movie called Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Karen wasn't always so sure of her aspirations to become an actress. When she graduated high school she did a semester at Concordia University where she studied psychology. When she finally conquered her fear of failing as an actress, she put herself out there and went for it. As far as anyone can tell, it was a very smart move. She recently starred in Adventure Inc. as Mackenzie Previn and even appeared in Stuff Magazine. Right after that she landed a spot in the cast of Mutant X. A well-known action series where she played Lexa Pierce, a covert operative involved with the CIA and GSA. Lexa, like the other members of Mutant X, was unwillingly subjected to genetic tampering which allowed her to manipulate light in mysterious ways.

Karen has also proved herself worthy on the big screen. She's appeared in movies such as the fast-paced action thriller Steal as Alex, one of four young bank robbers. She's also starred in Summer as Stephanie LeDuc, a comedic young girl just graduated from University trying to enjoy one last summer of adolescence. Her most recent movie role was starring alongside Dean Cain and Denise Richards as Darla, a psychotic bride in a Lifetime movie called I Do But I Don't.

Karen recently worked on a series called Young Blades airing on PAX network in the U.S. and City TV in Canada. The show is set in 17th century France when King Louis XIV has not yet taken the crown. Our main focus is the three young men in training to become the next generation of Musketeers. Karen plays a young woman named Jacqueline Roget whose brother was arrested and father was killed by Cardinal Mazarin's men. When Jacqueline attempts to rescue her brother, she disguises herself as a man, Jacques, in order to join the Musketeers.

Karen is currnetly on the show FLASH GORDON airing friday nights at 8 pm on the sci fi channel. She plays tough sexy alien bounty hunter Baylin.

A beautiful, humble woman who has earned the respect of fans in many different countries, Karen has conquered the world of modeling and broken into the world of acting. Yet she still remains the same girl she was while playing with her barbies and working at McDonalds. Trying to save the world one problem at a time, Karen has used her status to make people more aware of the true tragedies that are out there. One of Karen's passions is the rights of women and children in third world countries. She supports many wonderful charities, one of which is World Vision where she sponsors two young girls in Asia.
"Cartoon Gene" (2009) TV series (post-production) .... Kitty

Saw VI (2009) .... Shelby

Ninety-one (2009) .... Cat

The Two Mr. Kissels (2008) (TV) .... Pris

Flash Gordon .... Baylin (21 episodes, 2007-2008)

Moment (2007) .... Anne

The Dresden Files ....Soul Beneficiary..... Nancy (1 episode, 2007)

Til Death Do Us Part .... Vicky Milford (1 episode, 2007)

Murder Mystery Weekend (2007) TV episode .... Vicky Milford

Involuntary Muscles (2007) (TV) .... Orania

Runaway .... Erin Baxter (1 episode, 2006)

Pilot (2006) TV episode .... Erin Baxter

The Business .... Scarlett Saint-James (6 episodes, 2006)

Lotto 6/66 (2006) .... Lotto Hostess

Flirting with Danger (2006) (TV) .... Ellen Antonelli

Young Blades .... Jaqueline / ... (13 episodes, 2005)

I Do (But I Don't) (2004) (TV) .... Darla Tedanski

Mutant X .... Lexa Pierce (22 episodes, 2003-2004)

Adventure Inc." .... Mackenzie Previn (22 episodes, 2002-2003)

Tunnel (2002) (V) .... Woman on Train

Undressed .... Marissa (7 episodes, 2002)

Galidor: Defenders of the Outer Dimension .... Lind (5 episodes, 2002)

Riders (2002) .... Alex

Big Wolf on Campus .... Kim / ... (2 episodes, 1999-2002)

What's Vlud Got to Do with It? (2002) TV episode .... Princess Tristan

Witch College (1999) TV episode .... Kim