Joris Jarsky
Joris Jarsky an excellent choice to play Marty Strickland the last edition to the group. Marty is the one Vampire you don't know if you would like him or hate him, he is always flippant in his remarks and loves antagonizing the other Vampire's. His remarks are so cruel it makes you wonder what will happen to him in the future as Vampire. His power of telekenisis he loves to use, would he use it in the future to do evil deeds, one will never know. The way Joris plays Marty makes you really wonder about Marty is he just as serious as the others about taking part in the experiment or does he have other motives for beinging there.
Joris was born on 3rd December 1974 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and will be celebrating his 35th birthday this year. Though there is some confusion about his birthplace at present since, according to the "11 Cameras" cast section, Joris is a native of Kazakhstan yet IMDb and other places claim Canada as his homeland....
Joris's name is pronounced Yor-is Jar-Skee. His mother is from Belgium and his first name is of Belgian origin. His father's great-grandparents hailed from the Ukraine, giving him his last name.
He graduated from the National Theatre School of Canada in the class of 1999 and first came onto the world's radar in 2001 playing a vampire named "Marty Strickland" in a little known Canadian TV series called "Vampire High". Though this little gem was cancelled after its first season, subsequent reshowings in the UK and Canada (strangely, this has not been shown in the US to untapped market, perhaps?) have generated a growing underground fanbase for both the show and its hot young Canadian stars. Currently, there is a petiton in place to try to at least have the series released on DVD if it cannot be resurrected, though, Joris and his co-stars, many of whom he has remained friends with since the end of the show, have shown a interest in returning should the series be picked up again by YTV or other Canadian stations.
Rumour control has it that he once dated his "Vampire High" co-star, Karen Cliche. A friend got her information from a reliable source on set, so I'm inclined to believe it. And, I've also heard, though this may not be 100% accurate, that Joris has a tattoo around his upper arm - a tribal band. If anyone has information or any way to prove or disprove this, please let me know and I'll update accordingly. Thanks!
Joris was lucky enough to win the title role in "Horsie's Retreat", one he almost didn't get it thanks to his audition tape arriving late. However, when the director, Tony Asimakopoulos (Wow! How cool is that name? Hehe!) and the producer, Karina Griffith just knew they'd found their lead actor! Joris was contacted by phone and drove clear across Canada in five days to meet with the film-makers. He apparently only stopped to sleep and read over the script. How's that for dedication!
He has had the good fortune to star, and has held his own, alongside some of the biggest names in Hollywood, including Samuel L. Jackson, Michael Madsen, Ryan Reynolds, Billy Zane, Joss Ackland, Lauren Bacall among others as well as with some of the lesser known, but no less talented performers, such as Anthony Michael Hall, Shannon Doherty, Stellan Skarsgard, and Pete Postlethwaite.
Joris has also been a voiceover artist, advertising for Lexus and Hershey Smores, among others. To hear his works, please click here or, if you prefer, have a wander over to my links page and look for
Congratulations go out to Joris on his nomination for Best Actor in the DORA awards. He earned this nomination for his role in "The Awakening" for the Tarragon Theatre.