In the Egyptian civilization the Vampire were held in high esteem. Some of these Vampires even became kings, this can be seen in Egyptian art, as are cat people and werewolves. These races were extremely powerful and the people treated them as gods, and there features showed how powerful they were. The race of the werewolves were called Ammut and Anubis, and with the race of the cat people they were called Sekmet and Bastet. These races worked together with Vampires in this period of History.
Osiris was the most popular Vampire, he and his brother Set had been abandoned by their Vamperic parents. The people who brought them up practiced magic, as well as having to human daughters of their own Isis and Nephytus. While under their care Osiris and his brother Set were taught in the ways of magic as were Isis and Nephytus.
When Osiris became king he used all of his abilities and knowledge of magic to teach the humans to work the land and gain a good knowledge of agriculture. He ruled together with his wife Isis.
Set wanted to become more powerful because of his jealousy towards his brother and the position Osiris had attained, to gain this power he began to feed on the humans  infecting them in order to create more Vampires. Together with these newly created Vampires he murdered his brother Osiris, making himself king of Eygpt.
Isis could not accept the fact that her husband had been murdered and began searching ways of bringing him back from the dead.
Horus her son with help of a powerful sorcerer Ra had placed a curse on Set and his human-Vampires. The cursed that had laid on them was they could go into the sunlight or they would be destroyed, because of this curse Horus managed to defeat Set and his army.
Isis in the meanwhile had managed to bring back Osiris from the dead by using magic, but he remained bonded with the Netherworld.
There were many factions in Egypt that worshipped magic, one of these factions was created by Vampire Priest  who was wrongly identified as the Egyptian god of wisdom Thoth. He used the Book of the Dead to sanctify Vampires. He found ways of teaching Vampires to sleep without feeding from humans. Many Vampires managed to learn how to hibernate until it was time to waken.
Through magic, ways were found to strenghten the defenses of Vampires when they slept, this was deperately needed for when the werewolf race returned.

The god of the desert was associated with desert caravans and sandstorms. He was regarded as the highest god because of his immense powers. Because he was associated with the desert it was thought that he was infertile, but he could be considered one of the first homosexuals in recorded history. His partner was the Libyan god Ash, he was of the gender as Set.
Set was associated to anything being the color red. As well as gazelles and donkeys, both lived at the edges of the desert.

The Set animal
Images of Set mostly depict him as a Typhonic beast, with square ears, curved snout, forked tail and canine body. This depiction resembles the aardvark which also had a reddish appearance.

When Osiris had been murdered by tricking him to get  into a coffin, which was sealed and thrown in the Nile. Isis had managed to recovered the coffin containing the remains of Orisis, but unfortunately Typhon found out about this and cut the corpse of Osiris into 14 pieces and spread them throughout the land. Isis did not give up and searched until she found almost all the pieces of her husband's body, except for one that were his genitals. With the pieces she had found  she wrapped them in linen, and performed a magical ceremony to bring her husband back from the land of the dead. This succeeded and now he was crowned the king of the dead.
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