Finding this information on Eygpt's history of martial arts and the path it followed reflects strongly as one of the reasons why the two Vampire factions are at war with one another.
Followers of the Right Hand Path passed down their knowledge orally via the White Brotherhood. This was done so as to protect this knowledge so that the Secret Message should only be known by the chosen Followers.
Whereas the Followers of the Left Hand Path wrote down all their knowledge, in so doing perverting the Secret Message to gain Earthly power. 
The White Brotherhood teaches true religious  values so that they can evolve spiritually.
The Black Brotherhood were only interested in gaining worldly power so they taught false religious values.

Reading this section made me reflect on the scene in "The Bleeding FRenzy" when the Professor gets Karl a full blooded Vampire in a choke hold that he is unable to break.So then the more questions arises, does the Professor also master this ancient fighting technique,so what is he really?
Sebbakkha was created as a martial art form round about 3000BC. It is the oldest recorded form of martial arts.
One learns to emphasize the co-ordinated use of legs, arms, speed, power, agility, defence and attack. When using weapons one needs to have great physical strength in the hips and waist movements, especially in the use of throwing of holding your adversary. So the goal of Sebekkha is gain fitness, flexibility and master self-defence skills.

This section could also reflect on the Professor and what he has to teach to Vampires to control.
Hikuta is when scientific principles are applied to the martial arts, the understanding of physics, biomechanics, physiological and psychological reactions of your adversaries is essential. 
When using kinetic energy which is generated and directed towards your adversary, when properly done this strikes with such a destabilizing shock wave that the effects are devastating. One must make sure that when doing this the body is in a natural postion so that your body can maximize the biomechanics of power and speed needed for this  attack without injuring yourself
This form of self defense was first used by the bodyguards of the ancient Pharoahs.  It was then  known as Kuta and today is used as the foundation principles of Hikuta. This form of self defense had been a secret for over a thousand years.

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