Carl Goldstein is an award winning filmmaker and has worked on over 35 feature films, produced and directed hundreds of Commercials and Promos as well as having directed 60 episodes of television. Carl has worked with such luminary filmmakers including: Brian DePalma, Sean Penn, Al Pacino, Sam Raimi, Michael Cimino and Keenan Ivory Wayans. He is a graduate of Le Theatre Dome Theater School, Second City Toronto, UCLA's Master Class in directing as well Judith Weston's Meisner technique for Actors and Directors. He is a "performer's" comedy director who is consistently working and evolving the genre. His next feature film project is the absurd comedy, entitled The Stupidest Angel, based on the New York Times Bestseller by author, Christopher Moore.


He invented Soda Plops - 8 calorie soft drinks in tablet form. He has been working with National Beverage Corp for the last 6 months to release this incredible new product. He is also the first to create a motion picture comedy that is the fictional history of this new product line. Fizzy Bizness is to be released by Regent Entertainment.

Personal Quotes

"Making a movie is like going to war. However your enemy is time and money"
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