Brujah - Vampire Clan
Secrets of Clan Brujah

In the face of opression and almost constant warfare, the Brujah have developed a number of unique Vampiric powers. Not all Brujah have these advantages; indeed, most Kindred don't know they exist. Those who are aware of these powers either possess them or have been the unfortunates on the receiving end.

        * The Burning Wrath - The Iconoclasts fight on the front lines of all wars, charging headfirst into the danger that would send other Kindred running in fear. They make up a truly formidable fighting force in any situation, but particularly when their ranks include those who know the Burning Wrath. When invoked, the Burning Wrath causes the Brujah's body to flush. Red steam rises from his body, concentrating at the hands and the top of the head. Every attack becomes a moment of supreme agony for his enemies as their flesh is seared by the liquid heat.

        * The Scourge of Alecto - Idealists have long tried to suppress their frenzies. They do not revel in them like the Iconoclasts, nor accept them as the Individualists. Instead they fight the Beast every step of the way. Some become so adept at inhibiting their frenzies that they actually learn to turn them on their foes, releasing their beast in another.

        * Iron Heart - In walking the line between the Iconoclasts and the Idealists, the Individualist have to develop especially strong self-awareness. They strive to maintain their independence while promoting it in others. Toward this end, some have cultivated the power of the Iron Heart. The Iron Heart serves two functions. First, it enables the Individualist to more readily resist the effects of Domination, Presence and other manipulative Traits and powers. Additionally, an Individualist with this power can strengthen the resolve of others in the same way as he strengthens that of himself.


The members of this clan fall into frenzies far more readily then other Vampires.

This clan  is cursed to carry it's beast close to the surface. They supress all emotion lest the beast use it to come roaring to the surface and take over. The beast's proximity to the surface is also true of our brothers. However they have a different way of keeping the beast in check. They follow, instead of humanity, what the Sabbat call Paths of Enlightenment. Instead of supressing the beast they embrace, accept and gain power from it. Instead of fighting frenzy they give into it and "ride the wave" gaining the benefits of the frenzy without all the drawbacks. They view Vampire's as the ultimate predator on the very top of the food chain. They also see themselves as crusaders for all kindred preparing for Gehenna, when the ancients will rise from their eternal slumber and in their hunger feast upon all the kindred of the world. When Gehenna comes the Sabbat believe they will save all kindred from the limitless hunger of the ancients. The only other difference between our Brujah brothers and ourselves is that in the Sabbat those in charge are a lot less opressive than those who hold the power in the Camarilla.
The Gangrel